Follow the Leader

This past week, I was reminded over and over that His ways are not my ways, and my understanding is not His understanding. It was like daily a billboard flashed before my eyes shouting, “Honey, you don’t have a clue!”

As we walk toward Passover/Resurrection Sunday, whichever you prefer, I hear the sound of drums beating like the drums from the movie Jumanji. Everytime there was a shift the drums would beat and everyone would be on alert. The drums I hear are different. I feel they signify change and blessing for the body of Christ.

At first, the change may seem unreal or impossible. You may even question whether it is God or not, that’s where lean not to your own understanding comes in. We live in a time like never before where our intimate relationship with God is an absolute must. Without daily communion, we compromise our position and may miss the sound of the drums.

Stay close, hearken to the voice of The Lord, draw nigh to him and he will draw nigh to you. In your staying close you will hear the sound, the sound of the beating drums. When you hear the sound pause, step back and let Him lead. Don’t get anxious or half cocked running off without him. He won’t chase you down, he’ll just let you lead. My friend that can be disastrous.

Instead, prepare yourself to move and sit tight until he shows you the way. Wait till he shines the light, or nods his head. If you move when He says, victory is inevitable! Stay close, listen for the sound, ready yourself, and move at his command! Follow the leaders works well…

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