Time for Life

I love this scripture. It’s often used to charge believers to live a close-knit life that doesn’t stray off course. We’ve all been reminded from time to time to not stumble too far in any given direction but to stay the lean, narrow, path God has set before us. I’ve found this scripture to be very accurate, but I’ve also learned, that at times, there must be multitudes of grace along the path in order to stay steady. This path coupled grace can and will only produce life. Now this is where a new revelation flowed…

I began to see the years many saints had fully obeyed this word, never deviating to the left or right but boldly staying the course. They’ve run through troops and leaped over walls, but have yet to fully enter life in certain areas. They are assured of life in the eternal but there are promises, life yet to be obtained this side of heaven. Then I could see the time was now! They had reached a certain place along their path where they ran smack dab into life in areas that either seemed dead, or where they had plowed and anticipated a harvest. They had stayed steady and now life was getting ready to burst forth on every side.

These had learned patience and mastered disappointment in his presence. They, like the Fathers of Faith, refuse to let go of the promise even if it didn’t manifest in their lifetime. They’ve settled to say God is God, and I will not waver from his word! They chose to cling to the one who is life!

I began to see chards of light coming forth and joy set on their path. The thing they had believed for had finally arrived. They were so rooted in Christ. They rejoiced in the blessing but there was no fear of the blessing being more important than Him. They fully understood their purpose and went to work producing that which blessed the King.

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