First Love

Life is full of firsts. There’s your first kiss, your first love, and if you’re blessed in this way, your first child. All these first bring a level of effortless excitement and commitment on the scene. Did he call? When will I see her again? Excitement and longing seem to naturally follow. Oh but time, it can somehow be a thief that silently steals the passion. The phone calls become routine, the love letters look the same, and before you know it, your relationship has become stale.

Unfortunately, we can become this way with the Lord. The first time He touches our heart and love floods our being, we are overwhelmed and shout our love from the mountain top. But time, that old thief, sneaks in and creates routines, and land marks. Somehow our passion and affection toward God and His faithfulness become a checklist. We make sure we pray, worship and read the Bible but our hearts have slipped away from the passion and excitement of who He is. In worst case scenario, He is but a fading thought that crosses our mind when needed.

My friend, He is so much more. He has a sense of humor and is a closet friend. His love is matchless and bares to the end. He’s compassionate, giving, and never holds a grudge. He’s always ready to talk, and is the best listener there is.

May the embers of your heart once again be stoked to rekindle the flame, and may your fire for Him forever burn! May you return to your first love! ❤️

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