The Scales are Being Balanced

Balance is essential. Without balance we would not be able to stand. It is the correct amount of pressure applied to both legs that gives us this ability. The slightest movement or push in the wrong direction, and we find ourselves stumbling to once again regain balance. Scales are used to measure. Generally, no matter the use, the scale determines if something meets a certain metric or standard. When we lose our balance we are, either by internal decisions or external forces, thrust out of the perfect balance God created for us.

The same imbalance can happen in different areas of our life. Your kids go off to college and leave you home alone, the balance has been lost. Most empty nester spend the next year or so creating a new balance. Although you did the research you still somehow made a bad financial decision. Your balance is off. The funny thing about balance is sometimes, like a slight trip over a crack in the sidewalk, it’s very simple to restore. While other times, like a stumble that turns into a fall, it takes a little more effort.

We are entering a season of revelation of things and sources of imbalance. Over the next few weeks, revelation is being released to identify the exact root. If you listen, God will begin to uncover that which has been hidden. Those hidden things have been the hinderance to you regaining perfect balance. Once revealed you may need to repent of your actions, forgive others for their or perhaps both. These will be hidden things. You may believe you are completely fine in an area but the revelation will reveal a deeper root that needs to be dealt with to bring healing and balance. Silence the voices, humble your heart and allow God to set your heart and course in balance.

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