The Year of First

3.6.5 Devotion

January 28, 2021

We have come full circle. Often I would hear this saying and not fully understand it. It was explained in such a way that left my young mind resisting. I was taught that full circle is ending and beginning again but only better. I would think why on earth would I want to do that?

As I’ve matured, I realize “full circle” is a gift. It’s an opportunity given by God to live the next chapter of life corrected. Perhaps corrected, but not perfect. Not perfect because sometimes we just miss it; corrected because you are no longer the young vigilante you once were charging ahead at life not quite full of the wisdom needed to conquer the land.

New beginnings call for endings. If you find yourself experiencing strange emotions that come out of nowhere then you are more than likely a candidate. The final stages of the old are drifting away and you may find yourself feeling unstable in new ways. Ride the wave, steady yourself in Christ, and draw real close to the Father, He will give you the grace needed to end and begin again.

Author: Petrina Milan


Facebook: Eyes of an Overcomer or Petrina Milan

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