The Woman…

3.6.5 Devotion

January 22, 2021

She was weary, exhausted and had gone from door to door for years in pursuit of being made whole again. I’m not quite sure what ailed her, but whatever is was, it caused all of her funds to be exhausted. Enough was enough so she became even more desperate. She heard of the man named Jesus passing through a nearby town. Thoughts rushed through her head as she pondered his ability to heal her. Was he really capable of the rumors she’d heard? Had the lame walked and the blind been given their sight? It was worth a chance. She prepared herself and headed out not knowing if or how she could get near him.

As she arrived the crowds pressed in and eagerly awaited. She was patient yet calculated as she waited for the perfect moment to get as close as she could in hopes of touching him. At this point what did she have to lose. All other faith had failed so she shifted her eyes on him.

As he crossed her path she stretched out her hand and was able to touch the hem of his garment! In that moment something happened. A warm peace she’d never felt flooded her being, while he felt virtue leave his body! Immediately, he stopped turned and said, “Who touched me?” The disciples responded with the obvious answer, everyone. But he knew, he knew this touch pulled healing virtue from him! He turned, looked her in the eye and said, “Your faith has made you whole.”

I wonder what transpired in her between the doctors visits and her encounter with Jesus? My guess is, somehow, someway, faith arose! May your faith and expectation be stoked in the fire and may they come out pure gold!

Author: Petrina Milan


Facebook: Eyes of an Overcomer or Petrina Milan

Instagram: bornblessed2

Twitter: petrina_milan

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