The Freshman Class, Begin Again

January 12, 2021

Many of us have been in a season of intense testing. At times, it seemed like the dawn of day would never come. Life seemed monotonous, still, and even boring. You fought and fought the lack of normalcy to only come up defeated. Finally, after months and maybe even years, you relented. You take a deep breath and realize the old simply isn’t there any more.

As you awaken to this truth, you suddenly are aware you finally passed the test. Not only did you receive a passing grade, but you earned bonus points along the way. You’re not quite sure what they are for but no one turns down bonus points cause they always come in handy.

Now, you can fully pay it forward and enter in to a new level of learning. At each new beginning, you enter in as a freshman again, but this time at a higher level. Mentally prepare yourself for the awkwardness to come. The feeling of being in a room where you seem to know nothing but a place you’ve longed to be. Hats off to all the freshman out there. May you welcome and embrace your new!

Author: Petrina Milan


Facebook: Eyes of an Overcomer or Petrina Milan

Instagram: bornblessed2

Twitter: petrina_milan

Petrina Milan

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