3.6.5 Devotions:  Streams of Income

3.6.5 Devotions: Streams of Income

January 7, 2021

The goal is to create multiple streams of income that feed a larger source. If, for some reason, one creek dries up the others will continue to flow.  In our quest for financial success, we should have brooks of compensation. May 2021 be a year that God blesses you with creative ideas that will generate floods of revenue.

Author: Petrina Milan

Email: eyesofanovercomer@gmail.com

Facebook: Eyes of an Overcomer or Petrina Milan

Instagram: bornblessed2

Twitter: @petrina_milan

2 thoughts on “3.6.5 Devotions: Streams of Income

  1. Multiple streams of income is definitely something my husband and I have been pursuing for some time. We have written a script and will start writing our second one soon. We pray God will bless our efforts and one day prayerfully our blessing will bless others.

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