3.6.5 Devotions: Debt Release-Remind Him

3.6.5 Devotions: Debt Release-Remind Him

January 5, 2021 

In order to be redeemed there must be a loss. Whether COVID-19 has drained your savings or life circumstances have you living from check to check, God has a plan of recovery .  We must remind him of His promises.  It’s just like a parent child relationship.  Sometimes, as a parent you just bless your kids with good things while at other times you hold back your goodness and wait for unharnessed desire to surface. Real desire will press past the silence and make it’s request known.  If the child never speaks of it, then it is usually an indication of its importance.  Desire, trust and belief stir the heart into action.  

As an educator for many years, it was the students that were bold with their request I remember the most.  These students weren’t shy and had a way of trusting my word. Often, they called me to the carpet and remind me of something I’d said months prior. In those moments I could only agree and make plans to fulfill the promise.  Sometimes I would make promises but they were contingent upon the students owning some responsibility.  The sluggish ones would put their hands to the task but somehow lose heart somewhere along the journey and abort all possibilities of gaining the reward.  The tenacious would take what I said at face value and do everything possible to complete their task and constantly reminding me of my word.  Of course, they were rewarded handsomely for their faithfulness.

We must behave in the same manner.  We must study the word and remind God what He said.  Scripture doesn’t say only the perfect shall receive. No, it says if you believe you shall receive. (Mark 11:24)  So if you are believing God to redeem, then remind him of his word.  Just like Elijah when he prayed for rain. He prayed continuously based on the word of the Lord. He kept sending the servant to check the sky.  The servant kept coming back saying he didn’t see anything but the last time he said, “I see a cloud the size of a man’s hand.”  He didn’t see rain but he saw a rain cloud and that was enough for him to believe rain was coming, and surely it rained.(1 Kings 18: 42-46)

So as you pray for financial freedom keep looking until you see the smallest sign of release, and begin to shout the victory over your finances.  He wants you free more than you do but there is a requirement on your part.  How badly do you want it? Do you believe him and trust his word? Or like my unmotivated students, are you fainting at the first sign of adversity? (Galatians 6:9) Stay consistent and look for the smallest sign because in the end you win.

Author:  Petrina Milan


Facebook: @eyesofanovercomer

Instagram:  bornblessed 2

Twitter:  @petrina_milan

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