3.6.5 Devotions: Finances-Debt Release

3.6.5 Devotions: Finances-Debt Release

January 4, 2021

3.6.5 Devotional: Finances-Debt Release

Too many times we wait until things get out of control to act. The problem is, by the time it explodes it’s already too late.  I’d like to begin this year with focused devotions.  Matthew 7:7 tells us to ask, seek and knock and the door will be opened to us.  So this month I’d like you to join me doing in just that. 

Each week I will share a specific focus and will culminate the week with a prayer. So, I invite you to join us as we begin the year focused on areas of concern before they get overlooked or out of control.  If the topic doesn’t relate to you then I encourage you to use the opportunity to pray for someone it does. 

Debt Release:

This week’s topic is finances and today’s subject is debt release.  Our society is based on debt. Most people do not earn a living that would support making major purchasing without obtaining a loan. All it takes is one glitch in the system and you can find yourself in a sea of regret. If you’re a believer, God has given us ways to manage when a monkey wrench has been thrown in the system.  Joel 2:25 let’s us know that God is a redeemer.  He can and will redeem all that was lost.  Remember Satan comes to kill, steal and destroy and sometimes that includes our finances. (John 10:10)

First we must begin by not beating ourselves to a pulp for past mistakes.  Sometimes we live with great intentions and somehow find ourselves in a hole while at other times life just snatches us out of our comfort zone and robs us blind. Either way we can find forgiveness and move past the season of loss. So let’s begin this year with cleansing our hearts from past mistakes and asking God to redeem all that was lost.  Be reminded, we must ask in faith to receive.  Think of all the disasters you’ve averted and things you were rescued from in the past.  Use that faith to catapult you into an even greater faith and if all else fails, you can ask God to help you to believe.  I’m sure he’d be glad to.

Petrina Milan

Facebook:  Petrina Milan

Instagram:  bornblessed2

Twitter:  @petrina_milan


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