Finding the Beauty in Ashes

This year has been especially hard on us all.  Personally,  I’ve been faced with the option to sink or swim.  As I looked around, I was continuously met with trouble.  Finding movement in situations has seemed impossible.  There were good days and bad days and my emotions felt like they were buckled into the front seat of a rollercoaster ride.   I guess this goes with the territory.  The only problem is, before you know it, this cycle can sneak up on you like a bad habit and you can find yourself overrun with darkness. I’ve been there and done that and had no interest in that path. While others hustled and bustled to maintain balance, I found balance far out of reach. Everything I put my hands to yielded no return.  I’ve walked with God long enough to know some things are His doing and not the enemy.  He opens doors and shuts them and one by one each familiar door closed. (Isaiah 22:22)

Each day yielded no physical change but somehow my outlook on life was becoming better. As the days progressed my good days outweigh my bad and, although, situations weren’t changing God, somehow, was changing me. Over the last week I hit a breakthrough.  I was able to look at my situations and see the glistening jewels of the season. In an instant I saw what I had been given, time. Each day yielded no physical change but somehow my outlook on life was becoming better. 

In my search for purpose, I found time, adventure and the freedom to explore were mine for the taking.  I have been able to spend endless amounts of time with the Lord, studying his word and venturing out for long walks in unfamiliar territories.  Anyone that knows me knows I love nature. As a child I would gaze out the window waiting for the season’s first snowfall, so I could climb in my snowsuit and build a snowman. I’ve always loved nature and taking photos of things that grab my attention.  These adventures yielded unseen beauty that captured my breath, bringing joy and peace to my heart. It was as if I have been experiencing a rebirth to the childlike wonder that has always made my heart sing. There was something about these moments that have breathed new life into my soul.

This season has taught me to find the blessing hidden in the mess. When a monkey wrench is unexpectedly thrown at you, slow down, take a deep breath and look again. Remember, everything is not the devil and sometimes God is rebooting the system. Set your gaze in a new direction and you are sure to find the hidden jewels within. As we slowly walk out of the shaking of the year, I pray you find beauty in your ashes.

Author:  Petrina Milan

Facebook:  @eyesofanovercomer

Instagram:  bornblessed2

Twitter:  @petrina_milan

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