Rescued from Destruction

Rescued from Destruction

COVID-19, a time of destruction and despair.  It seems this virus was born overnight with a mission to take out as many as possible in its path.  One can only wonder where is God during this pandemic? Not only the elderly and the young are vulnerable, but this monster has set its sights on any and all it believes it can conquer. It simply was born to take no prisoners. 

It has just about ruined every major economic system in the world without even blinking.  I can’t help comparing it to a scene in an action movie where the villain has annihilated the hero and thinks nothing of the destruction left behind.  He doesn’t even celebrate his victory, instead he goes on to target his next victim in order to gain more territory. The goal is gaining territory and rarely do you see the villain take captives.  Yes, to me COVID-19 is like a horrible scoundrel in an action movie most of us love to watch. The problem is, we didn’t know we were cast a role in the next movie. 

So as we sit feeling helpless, I challenge you to download another school of thought.  I’ve been trained to never give up, never give in and by all means always see what God is doing in the midst of a horrific situation.  My personal battles have taught me to either let the offender totally consume me or somehow find the strength to fight back. Yes, of course, I have not always fought back and at times allowed, in some ways, the darkness to consume me.  It was those dark lessons that taught me to try another approach simply because I did not understand the price that had been paid for surrendering to the wrong master until the charade was over.  

At times, unexpected pain and darkness would hit me so hard all I wanted to do was surrender in hopes it would end.  It eventually did, but when I finally got back up, I was no longer the same. I didn’t know myself anymore. The darkness was gone but it left a trail of damage on its way out and I was the canvas in which it was painted.  An open display for all to see. 

So hard lessons have taught me to memorize and apply Genesis 50:20 to my life.  I mean what good was the scripture doing me tucked in my arsenal of weapons without ever being used.  So during this COVID-19 pandemic instead of knee-jerking and fully surrendering to the opponent, I decided to get quiet and look for exactly what “good” God was going to bring out of it.

I have spent many days reading, watching the news, praying and seeking, but I knew there was something more specific for me to understand. As I continued my search for good, I casually looked at my facebook page and there was a video of a malnourished dog.  It was an adult female who weighed seventeen pounds but should have weighed, at the minimum, twice as much. The dog was rescued and brought to the vet. Day by day, they strategically cared for her and slowly but surely she began to improve.  After several weeks, she had been nurtured and loved back to wholeness and was running around ready for adoption.  

I began to see the emaciated dog as many of us who find ourselves out of the normal flow of life.  We, just like the dog, have been found and given the opportunity to be properly nourished and healed. Many of us have been overworked, stressed to the max and were pleading for a break before all of this happened.  Now when we have been given the break and instead of allowing nourishment and healing to come, we have traded one stress for another. We somehow have chosen to focus on the one who comes to devour not the one who comes to heal. If the plague can get you to focus on its power then it has been successful in weakening you.  If you look at the snake too long, you will be hypnotized.

I can now see the good God has planned for us.  The enemy has desired to sift the nations as wheat and leave us weak and focused on destruction while God has created the perfect incubator for healing, restoration and a new beginning. I know, your finances don’t look the same and you don’t know how you’re going to make ends meet, neither do I, but I also know that I did not see this destruction coming either. I had neither insight nor power to control or stop either one.  I feel God has set a table before us and he’s asking who will come to dine with me? Who will come eat and drink of the meal I have prepared for you in the presence of your enemy? I hear the Father say who will come?

Author:  Petrina Milan

Facebook:  @eyesofanovercomer

Instagram:  bornblessed2

Twitter:  @petrina_milan

8 thoughts on “Rescued from Destruction

  1. Yes ❤️

    On Thu, Jul 30, 2020 at 6:46 AM Eyes of an Overcomer wrote:

    > eyesofanovercomer posted: “COVID-19, a time of destruction and despair. > It seems this virus was born overnight with a mission to take out as many > as possible in its path. One can only wonder where is God during this > pandemic? Not only the elderly and the young are vulne” >

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  2. This touched my spirit so deep. I thank God that there is always good in the midst of hard times. I needed this long break. I have always worked hard; many hours including loads
    and loads of overtime sometimes without days off for weeks at a time. I feel a new sense of renewed faith and power. I have started writing on our screenplay again and this time I will finish it and try selling it. This pandemic slowed me down but didn’t take me out of my destiny!

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    1. Thank you, I’m glad it was a blessing to you! I think it’s awesome that you are writing a screenplay! May you find the time and grace to complete it and may it go further than you could imagine! 🙏🏾😊


  3. You have always been a good teacher. I like how you encourage looking at the lessons learned and the bright spot in every experience. Thank you for the positivity.

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