A Change in Rhythm

A Change in Rhythm

“Rhythm of the Night” a popular song from the 80’s by the music group DeBarge. The lyrics pointed to a musical rhythm that could only be found at night. This song stood true to the era.  The 1980’s were a decade dedicated to music and dancing.  It was during the 80’s that rap music began to flourish, break dancing ran rampant, and “Footloose”, and “FAME” were popular shows that partnered music with dancing.  

Here we are forty years later finding ourselves in another major turn not only felt by our country but the world.  Movement has slowed, jobs have been lost, and in some unfortunate cases loved ones have passed through time into another dimension.  We find the momentum to our worlds slowing.  This change in pulse has placed many of us in a pause of sorts.  Life as we know it has changed but exactly what does that mean?.  As I began to ponder all the changes, I wandered to a youtube video of Sarah Jakes Roberts preaching. During her sermon she took a hard turn and said something that caught my attention. She said, “God is changing your rhythm.”  The words leapt off the screen and hit me like a baseball flying at the speed of light. That was it.  The answer to the strange, unexplainable feeling I’ve had over the last few weeks.  God was changing my rhythm.

What did my previous rhythm look like?  What beat and tempo had I previously moved in with God and was I really ready for a new cadence?  As I pondered, I realized the concept of rhythm was way more complex than I’d imagined.  There were all sorts of beats, and tones I had been sharing with God for years.  Why now and which ones were changing?

Was he changing the rhyme of my worship? The movement of my prayer?   I sat quietly waiting, listening for further instruction and all I could hear was silence. His precious voice said nothing.  I sat a little longer and began to feel very unsettled with the hush? Was this the first sign of the new flow?  Was he asking me to be okay with the muteness and to trust Him with my blindspots?  

In the past God has always shown me glimpses of things that were to come.  Even when it didn’t seem favorable, I’ve always had a level of understanding of what was to come and where I was going. Yet, here I am in this season seeing a blank canvas in front of me without even a hint of color.  Now Sarah had spoken these words and the fog was beginning to clear.

This time, this new flow was just that, a new tempo. God had somehow, without me knowing, changed to a downbeat with no view.  I began to understand what I’ve heard the prophets shouting loudly during this season, “You don’t know the version of yourself that is coming forth.”  “Up until this time she has not existed.” You cannot fathom a person, place or thing you have no gage for. 

It’s like walking through the wardrobe in “The Chronicles of Narnia.”  One minute you are just an average Joe dealing with the frustrations of life and without you even knowing or realizing it, you step through a door that changes everything.  Unbeknownst to you, that one step unveils the knowledge of your Kingship, your royalty, your authority and suddenly everything changes. You go from a world that caters to you, to a world that needs you to survive and heal.

That’s it, the call many of us have been hearing to come higher.  Oftentimes when we hear “Come higher” we immediately think of prayer, fasting, and spending more time with Jesus.  Yes, I believe that’s part of the call but I’ve learned that the Holy Spirit loves to play on words and speak in parables. Oftentimes what He says can have more than one meaning, and we tend to gravitate to the one that is most familiar..  

This call to higher, I believe is a call to both. To survive spiritually in this next era, we must be more intentional in how we spend time with God but we must also walk through the precious door of the wardrobe and allow ourselves to be mantled with the handmade garment of royalty that was created for us. These garments are full of new authority, discernment, wealth, positions, territories and much more.  These garments challenge you in areas where you have settled for simplification. 

My friend you are not small nor were you created to be.  You are sons and daughters of the Most High King, the King of Kings, the Lord of Lords.  Who are we to minimize and sell the King’s sacrifice for a cheap fare?  He died so we would become heirs of the kingdom to inherit and share in all that is His. Victory, peace, healing, freedom and much more are ours for the taking but we must do just that, take, possess.

No more begging and pleading with God to give us what He has already set aside for us.  He wants us to have it more than we do.  How do I know? He was willing to die in order for us to acquire it, but we somehow have weakened the sacrifice by not walking in our authority.  We must be rattled, awakened from our sleep.  Shaken out of our slumber and shifted into the proper position of Kings and Queens of the Most High King. The New Era will accept nothing less. 

So may the Lord send spiritual defibrillators to shock our hearts and quake us out of our slumber, May we rise up to walk circumspectly as the sons and daughters of the one True God.  May we begin to represent our Father well.  May we pick up our sickles, our swords and dismantle the works of the unrighteous for our King.  In this New Era, may we rise up and represent Abba and His Kingdom well. Kings and Queens arise!

Author:  Petrina Milan


Facebook:  @eyesofanovercomer

Instagram:  bornblessed2

Twitter:  @petrina_milan


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    > eyesofanovercomer posted: ““Rhythm of the Night” a popular song from the > 80’s by the music group DeBarge. The lyrics pointed to a musical rhythm > that could only be found at night. Once the rhythm was found, you were > guaranteed to dance the night away. This song stood true to the e” >


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