Enlarge My Territory

Enlarge My Territory

“Enlarge my territory.”  Years ago everywhere I went I heard someone preaching about Jabez along with the popular statement, “Enlarge my territory!”  It was so popular the phrase showed up in Israel Houghton’s song “No Limits.” The story tells of Jabez, a man who asked God for something he seemingly did not deserve. Scripture simply states that God granted it to him without giving details of exactly how this was accomplished. (I Chronicles 4:9-10)

Recently, I heard the Lord say get ready for expanse.  I got all excited at the declaration until the explanation followed.  I began to see a local highway that is under extensive  construction. This is a major highway in the city and is currently a big mess. Traffic is reduced to a crawl, and familiar roads of access no longer exist.  The extraordinarily large construction vehicles have scattered dirt everywhere all while being sure they are seen and heard! Regular size lanes have now become so narrow you can’t blink without fear of collision. The road is simply a chaotic mess. The process of expanding this particular highway will take several years and hours of operation. Once the highway is reconstructed, it will be able to hold a greater flow of traffic all while allowing drivers to travel in less time with less stress.

I quickly began to relate this process to my new found revelation, “Get ready for expanse.”  All of a sudden things got serious. I was no longer elated with joy but was able to become sober with the reality of what enlargement really meant.  Would this mean there would be some things in my life I would have to let go of?  Would I once again lose valuable friendships? Would this process be painful and confusing at times?  I believe the answer to all of the above is yes. Yes, some things will have to be laid down in order to make room for others.

I recently had a dream where I was getting ready to climb a flight of rock paved stairs to the next level.  Upon approaching the stairs, I noticed they were much steeper than I realized and I could not see the end. They appeared to ascend straight upward without a slant.  I knew I would be able to climb the stairs but I had too many things in my hands. I was holding my keys and some items in one hand and was engulfed in a casual conversation on my phone with the other. I knew I had to empty my hands in order to scale the stairs and was willing to do so when I awakened.  

That was it. The second piece of the puzzle I needed to gain deeper understanding into what God was saying.  He was saying I had too much in my hands. I believe the hand represents my grasping things from my life that simply could not go into the next place with me.  I had to let go of certain communications, old keys of access, and comfort items in order to ascend. I realized I was fully capable of moving up the stairs but the things in my hands simply had no invitation.

I believe the expanse is coming for those who are aligned with the Father’s heart and are willing to let go of anything that interferes with forward progression.  For some it’s methods, for others friends, while for others it may be systems and ways of doing things that make us feel confident and strong. I can see these are normal everyday things that we have become comfortable with.  They are not evil or sinful behaviors. This is not about sin but rather elevation to a greater place in God, life, purpose and production. There simply is no place for these elements at the next level. 

As we stand in the middle of the world wide pandemic, could it be that this virus is being tolerated so we can identify and let go of those safe practices and places that cannot transcend into the new era with us?  Could it be that God in His graciousness has taken what the enemy meant for evil and is giving us the opportunity to see and accept it as good? (Genesis 50:20) Could He be presenting us with the slow down, the pause, the quiet we would not otherwise have to steady ourselves, hear the call, and respond? Could it be a call for greater preparation, expanse for the greater weight, the greater measure to come?

I challenge you during this time to not panic but to allow your pace to be slowed, the emptying of your hands and the ascension of your heart to a new place in the King.  (Isaiah 43:19) Your expanse awaits…

Author:  Petrina Milan    


Facebook:  @eyesofanovercomer

Instagram:  bornblessed2

Twitter:  @petrina_milan

3 thoughts on “Enlarge My Territory

  1. Wow, thank your for this enlightenment. This is such an on time word for me,I was beginning to question myself and think I wasn’t a good kid of God because so many things were being changed and challenged in me. This help me see the ripping up is to bring something bigger and better.

    Thank you!

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