Call Into the Unknown

Call Into the Unknown

There are times in my life when I am challenged by God to go deeper.  He kinda does this thing with me where he somehow always sets it up for me to hear the song “Yes” by Shekinah Glory.  I’ve grown to know exactly what the sound of the melody means. It’s an invitation for me to venture into the unknown. I find myself caught up in the swirl of his presence fully connected to his Spirit where no isn’t an option. In those moments everything in me screams YES! . 

I’m usually a pretty organized person and don’t respond the best to unplanned, last minute events.  So when the song plays, I have learned to be fully aware that He is not interested in my well planned, organized personality.  No, during these times I can count on the fact that He is getting ready to do the opposite. I have become fully aware that I’m getting ready to walk into a season of unexpected shifts that will only be navigated by Him.

I’ve also discovered that in these promptings, there is usually a death to something involved.  There’s something either he wants me to lay down or somewhere uncomfortable he wants to take me.  At times, my response can be knee-jerking as I scramble to figure out exactly what it is he wants. In that moment I’m fully surrendered, but as soon as I become aware I naturally default to my perception of what just happened. I don’t know about you but I leave these moments with only clues concerning the encounter. Me, being a make it happen kind of person, will immediately try to project the hidden path.  Yes, I know it’s foolish but it’s how I process things. God encounters me, I accept, try to figure it out, then my flesh gets the message and bows. My initial yes came from my spirit. God is Spirit, so He accepted the yes and began the process. Unfortunately, I live in the flesh and it sometimes takes awhile for my brain to get the message.   

Over the years he has constantly worked on me in this area and now He’s calling me even deeper into a fuller version of  trust and obedience. I just think sometimes there’s a place in God where you don’t need to live in a constant pool of grace.  Don’t get me wrong, His mercies are new every day but I believe there is a place in him where his expectations for our devotion and behavior rises.  I think he’s saying “You got this, and I expect you to behave accordingly.” Not like a task master but like a loving, proud Father that knows He has raised a well prepared representative of his family.  Grace, and forgiveness will always be present but I feel the call to begin to raise the bar and be confident in the upbringing of our Father. He has trained us, he has disciplined us, he has forgiven us and always will. 

There’s a phrase in the song “This is the Sound”  “by Stephany Gretzinger that says, “We were meant for thrones and not for grace.”  Kings and Queens know who they are and know how to behave, they don’t have to wake up everyday wondering if they are going to mess up and if they will be accepted if they somehow fail.  No, they have spent their entire lives being trained to be representatives of their home and to one day lead. For a well trained son or daughter, failure is only an opportunity for growth. 

Throughout the Bible you see righteous kings and wicked kings and regardless of their nature, when the time came, they were allowed to lead.   Fathers produce children after their own heart. In other words, we have a Righteous Father who has raised children in His own image.  It’s time for us to go so deep in God we no longer question our lineage.  

So I pray that as we enter into a new decade that God will play that one song that arrests you and draws you deeper.  The one song that will draw out the well of hidden love within your soul that can be emanated throughout the earth. May your time and encounters with him leave you refreshed and with the ever so sweet fragrance of heaven.  May you go deep….

Author:  Petrina Milan

Facebook:  @eyesofanovercomer

Instagram:  bornblessed2

Twitter:  @petrina_milan

4 thoughts on “Call Into the Unknown

  1. Thank you so much for sharing your journey. i also thank you for reminding me of “YES” by Shekinah Glory! I want to play it right now but it is the one song that brings me to tears each time (joyful tears). It’s the one song i can listen to if I want to bring my heart to sensitivity and openness. Well written…we were raised well by our heavenly father!


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