Piece or Puzzle

Piece or Puzzle

For we know in part and we prophesy in part. (1 Corinthians 13:9)  For most seasoned Christians this scripture is etched in our mind.  It ‘s preached over pulpits, discussed in small groups and talked about with friends.  We can become so anxious to share a prophetic word or dream from the Lord that sometimes we take off running without realizing we only have a piece of the puzzle.

A prophetic word or dream can bring great revelation and rescue one from the deepest pit.  In those moments it is evident light has shined on our darkness. If we are lucky, this new found joy and excitement may last into the week but we somehow find ourselves back in the valley of defeat. How can this be so when we have received such a profound revelation?

I once heard a preacher say in order to gain further revelation you must seek it.  At the time I heard the words but didn’t fully understand exactly what it meant. Receiving revelation is great but for further understanding you must seek God for more.  But somehow sometimes we fall short in this category.  We receive the revelation and run off eagerly anticipating its arrival.  Well as I said, 1Corinthians 13:9 says we know in part and prophesy in part.  If this word is true, in which I believe every word that comes from the mouth of God is, then why are we taking one piece of a puzzle expecting to gain full revelation? (Matthew 4:4)

Recently, I was having a conversation with my sister and we were having what I like to call a “spiritual testimony talk” about the goodness of God and as we spoke my eyes were opened. During this conversation I was all pumped up releasing declarations and faith concerning God’s promises.  And in that moment I saw how many times I had received dreams and prophetic words and ran off half-cocked without seeking further revelation.  I saw me building up expectations based on a piece of a puzzle and getting mad, sad, and sometimes depressed because they weren’t manifesting.

We get frustrated, and sometimes even angry with God because what he has shown us hasn’t come to pass. We must learn that the real problem is not God but that we haven’t sought him for more revelation. So we sit on a stoop frustrated with God and life when it’s really our own laziness, lack of teaching, or understanding that has created the cycle.  If we stay in this place too long the devil will see our ignorance and take advantage of the situation. (Hosea 4:6, 1 Peter 5:8)  If he steps in, our problem will multiply in size like weeds taking over a garden.

So now you find yourself headlong in an sea of untamed emotions mad at the world and full of hope deferred. (Proverbs 13:12)  God with his loving hand sends another word to pull you out of your darkness and the cycle repeats itself.  You still haven’t realized the second visitation deposited the next piece of the puzzle.  God is faithful to his word and if he says we know in part and prophesy in part then that is just what he means.  I think he only communicates a portion so we will learn to seek him, learn to make him the object of our desire. See when you slow down to seek you will find all sort of hidden treasure only found in him.

The seeking takes you further, deeper in him.  Any other pursuit settles for the hand of God when he wants to give us His full heart. We cannot get focused on the gift but must always be more enamored by the gift giver.  I mean seriously, we neither deposited the dream nor did we institute the prophetic word.  So why do we stop there, get excited about the revelation, but not the God who released it. (Psalm 8: 4-8)

So if you find yourself battling with hope deferred, take a moment to examine yourself.  Look into your past and review your prophetic words and dreams.  Have you seasoned each discovery with salt and presented them before the King or have you run off mistaking a piece for the whole puzzle?

I believe God will always give you the first few pieces for free but the others will cost something. You pay with sacrifice and dedication. We must learn to push past the ordinary and pursue God beyond our normal, for there are the treasures of his heart.  They are only found in the beyond, beyond our normal, beyond our usual sacrifice. So today I challenge you to go beyond and taste of the hidden manna of heaven.  Put in extra time seeking, praying, reading the word, and worshiping until the Giver looks more important than the gift. Before long the gift will have manifested and you can shout for joy alongside the King for His faithfulness.

Author:  Petrina Milan    


Facebook:  @eyesofanovercomer

Instagram:  bornblessed2

Twitter:  @petrina_milan

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