Aged to Perfection

Aged to Perfection

People around the world love to sit, relax and enjoy a nice glass of wine. The flavor, the aroma seems to invigorate the senses while catapulting one into relaxation and social enjoyment.  Some enjoy white wine while others enjoy the smooth flavor of a red wine but there is nothing more flavorful or delicious than a glass of aged wine.  Those that have had the privilege of enjoying a glass understand the uniqueness and richness of its flavor. True wine connoisseurs seek for aged wine and are willing to pay the price to indulge in its delicacies. Aged wine stays hidden in a dark cellar for years until it’s time of full maturation. Once served, it is only given to those who are willing to pay the price to appreciate its sacrifice and process that brings them to an elevated experience. Aged wine is only for the patient and true of heart.

Our current society is the opposite. We find ourselves impatient and a, “give it to me now” type generation.  There are just some things we aren’t willing to wait for, but we all know “good things come to those who wait”; those who respect and honor the maturation process.  Some things simply need to be aged.  

There is a benefit to the aging process.  It’s seems our society has by-passed quality in exchange for quantity. What a shame because aged wine release flavors and textures that can only be experienced from the aging process. Furthermore not every type of wine can be aged.  It takes a specific type of wine to be able to sit for such a long period of time and produce an even more flavorful taste than when it was originally bottled.  This wine was initially flavorful, but the sitting process enhances the flavor in a way that only sitting and being hidden can produce.

So just like wine there are areas of our lives that will only produce the best from aging.  Take a moment and think about the dreams you feel have passed you by. More than likely these are the areas where aging is necessary to produce a product for an elite group of partakers that can appreciate the process.  Anyone can bring knowledge or gifting to an area but there is nothing like a person who has sat and been hidden for an extended period of time.  When introduced to these individuals there is a distinct difference in what they bring to the table verses someone who may share the exact same thing.  This person brings an extra flavor that just cannot be explained or duplicated.

This makes me think of Joseph and David in scripture. Joseph’s brothers sold him into slavery because he shared his dream. Joseph went from serving in Potiphar’s house, to being a leader in prison.  It would have appeared Joseph would never step into anything greater than where he was, but remember Joseph had a dream his brothers would bow down to him.  I can imagine what his brothers thought and the innocence and excitement Joseph felt when he shared his dream. It seemed everywhere Joseph went he was imprisoned.  Although, Joseph was placed into leadership in every situation he faced, he was still a prisoner. He had no freedom other than what was given to him by his Masters.  

I wonder why God would use such harsh environments to allow Joseph to mature?  I think we are the same way.  Some of us have such a zeal about us that if God does not harness us we would get 100 steps in front of God and mess things up so badly it would take even longer to repair. It is said that Joseph waited 13 years before he became ruler over Egypt. (Genesis 37-44)

David encountered the same problem.  David’s brothers looked down on him and saw him as the least but God saw otherwise.  So the prophet Samuel prophesies David’s destiny.  I can imagine just like Joseph David was excited and everyone else was not.  One would think that the natural progression of things would be to pull David aside and train him to become King.  Not so, instead, God sent David to serve Saul then into the wilderness to build character. Theologians estimate that it was 15 years between the time David was anointed King and his actual reign.  Both of these men had to go through a process before they were ready to step into what they were created to do. (I Samuel 16, I Samuel 19-II Samuel 2)

Be encouraged!  There are areas in your life where you feel forgotten or overlooked.  Don’t let go, just know that these areas are more than likely places that require full maturation before release. To me there is nothing worse than fruit out of it’s season, a flavorless watermelon or peach can leave the taste buds disappointed and longing for more.  Unripe fruit is just bad.  

So stay hidden and allow your unique flavors and textures to come forth at the appointed time to those who can appreciate it!  I pray God strengthen you and give you patience to endure until your time of maturation is complete!  Surely, if you faint not, you will release a sweet aroma that cannot be duplicated and will bring change in the area in which you are called! (Galatians 6:9)

Author:  Petrina Milan

Facebook:  @eyesofanovercomer

Instagram:  bornblessed2

Twitter:  @petrina_milan

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