Overcome:  To gain the victory; win; conquer, to get the better in a struggle or conflict

Throughout various genres of Christianity the word overcome resounds. One of the most popular scriptures is Revelations 12:11, “They overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and the word of their testimony.”  This scripture, in all its power, encourages us that as we apply the blood of Jesus and testify of God’s goodness we will defeat the enemy.  This leads to the question; what are we testifying about?  How God swooped in and provided a great financial need or healed a loved one from a life threatening disease? Yes, these are great testimonies of God goodness that will empower us and bring victory.  There’s just one problem.  This particular passage does not speak of the process in which one went through to gain the victory.  Yes, the financial need was met and the loved one restored, but what happened in “mean time?”

As Christians we get excited and even praise God for the victory when we witness such testimonies but seldom are we interested in the process in which one went through to obtain the victory.  I’ve found that somehow humanity loves power. We cheer our favorite team on in victory when they are in the lead and often times cringe at the thought of defeat.  It’s the scenes where the struggle is evident that most people tend to sway away from. Sure the team is struggling  but what’s really going on during these stints of seeming defeat? Humanity simply is not comfortable with struggle.  

Our humanity, our flesh, avoids struggle at all cost.  No one runs into a fight willingly.   We are prone to celebrate but not to get into the fight, the process.  There is no celebration of victory without war.  It amazes me how once we celebrate victory we neither realize the casualties of war nor the shambles it left behind.  Yes, we’ve won the victory but many times we try to ignore the necessary cleansing of the battlefield.

When we speak of war we immediately think of war against the enemy.  Yes, this sounds good and is a level of war but one must ask how does the enemy get in.  How did he get so close and attack without your awareness.  I found that our biggest battlefield is in our personal lives.  There are ports and holes in our soul and bloodline that the enemy knows about, sees, and uses as doors of access. Before you know it, you are caught in an emotional rollercoaster you cannot control. What happened?  The enemy snuck in the back door. Yes, we must fight the enemy but our biggest fight is learning to get real with ourselves.  Real on a level that can say “I’m more wounded than I know.” “I’m really angry with this?” “I’m miserable but I don’t know why, yet I keep performing everywhere I go.” We must get real with the silent voice in our head that speaks the truth of the condition of our soul.

Being an overcomer isn’t just overcoming the spiritual opposition but to effectively overcome one must overcome the enemy within.  The enemy of our soul and flesh bottled together is our first enemy.   It’s the small attitudes; unharnessed desires, stubbornness, willfulness, anxieties, anxiousness, fear, and doubt, left unchecked that will rob you greater than any demon could.  Sometimes I think we give the devil too much credit.  

Often he only needs to set up scenarios for our unharnessed desires to plow full speed ahead.  For the lovers of Christ, the laid down lovers, this sometimes can be even more difficult.  The enemy would love more than anything to have you going from meeting to meeting, singing and dancing, and praising God but never doing the intricate inner work that closes doors of access.  Yes, running after God is key and of utmost importance but to truly run after God means you are ready to spend your life in strict obedience willing to lay down anything to Him.  

It’s a life where God continually yet lovingly puts his finger on our weaknesses, time and time again.  Why, because true love strengthens, protects, and guards the one it loves.  So true intimacy, true love, is a lifelong journey that isn’t in a hurry because it trusts the one it loves.   True intimacy is totally letting go and leaning completely into the one, the only one that is good.  All else will fail in comparison.

So as you embark on the continuation of this journey, know that true love, and intimacy are just that, a lifelong journey of surrender, obedience, and patience; trusting in every step, every seeming delay of the one who knows you best, Jesus. Continue your journey in to the quiet place of your soul with the one who so gently makes you whole.  

Wholeness comes in stages of surrender, and as you surrender to the process victory is inevitable.  You will walk through the journey with shouts of victory and words of testimony of the goodness of the one you love most. Yes, we overcome by the blood of the lamb and the word of our testimony, but maybe, just maybe, the blood is applied to the wounds and weakness of our soul, that over time strengthen us so we can shout our testimony in powerful victory over the enemy.  We overcome…

Author:  Petrina Milan    


Facebook:  @eyesofanovercomer

Instagram:  bornblessed2

Twitter:  @petrina_milan

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